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Kinds of Heating Element:

  Sheathed Heater Cartridge Heater Quartz Heater

  Mica Strip Heater   Mica Band Heater Flexible Heater

  Die-Casting  Finned Heater Teflon Heater Others

Rated : V / W /   Phase

Material of Tube & O.D. :

  Incoloy800 Incoloy840 Sus316L Sus321 Sus304

  TIT Cu Fe Al Others

  φ11 φ10 φ8.0 φ6.6 φ5.2 Others

Heat Treatment of Tube's surface :

  Bright Annealing Black Oxidized Annealing


Usage Condition:

  Radiant Hot Water Tank Heating in the Sour or Alkali Liquid

  Al Gravity or Al Die-Casting Oil Cooking

Special Requirement :

Supply Message: Sample Drawing Others

Annual Quantity: Pcs

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