Company Profile


  • Zettshing Technologies Co.,Ltd. was founded in Taiwan with complete set professional heating element equipment.
    We make many kinds of small electric appliance and industrial heating element by Taiwan R&D's technologies and produce them both in Taiwan and China factory.

  • Our quality is very strict and complies with production.
    The monthly capacity can reach to 1,000,000 pieces.

  • Zettshing Technologies Co.,Ltd. insists the spirit of quality No.1 and service No.1.
    The quality meet all customer's affirmation。.

Working Capability (Meet all your need)

  1. Material of Tube
    ◎TIT、Nickel-Chrome、Stainless Steel、Copper、Aluminium Mild Steel、Aluminum Extrustion、Quartz、Black Body
    ◎Heat Treatment→Bright Annealing、Black Oxidized Annealing
    ◎Sheath Heating Element's Length→6.0M

  2. Sealing
    ◎Silicone Oil Dip Sealed、Epoxy Sealed、Glass Sealed

  3. Joint Mode
    ◎Solding、Brazing、Arc Welding、Nickel Based Vacuum Welding 、Staking ( Hexagon or Round Shape )

  4. Quality Control System
    ◎There are perfect I.Q.C.、P.Q.C.、O.Q.C. checkout system and apparatus so as to meet standard of UL、IEC、CAS、VDE。

Hardware Parts

LED及電子零組件   娛樂遊戲機組件   鈑金外殻   五金零配件   汽車組件